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French Language Learning

You want to follow a French course of Language and/or Civilisation?

You need to be ready to face the examination of the D.E.L.F. / D.A.L.F.?

Objectives: express yourself in concrete communication scenarios in no time at all and explore French culture.

The points that we will tackle:

  • Alphabet, numbers, pronunciation rules
  • Grammar rules and exceptions
  • Text comprehension
  • Listening comprehension
  • Written and oral expression
  • French culture (gastronomy, cinema, history…)

To download a sample course, click here:

School Support In High School

You are a high school student and you need support in French, Latin or Ancient Greek?

Objectives: improve your academic results and prepare yourself for the final baccalaureate exam.

The points that we will tackle:

  • Text comprehension
  • Literary analysis
  • The methodology of the commentary and of the dissertation
  • Grammar points
  • Literary culture

Free workouts:

1/ To download an example of a compound comment correction, click here: corrected from the comment of “Barbara” by Jacques Prévert.

2/ To download an example of a literary dissertation, click here: corrected from Madame de La Fayette’s dissertation on The Princess of Cleves.

Training In Latin And/Or Ancient Greek

You want to benefit from a complete course of Latin and Ancient Greek in optimal circumstances?

Objectives: know how to translate a text from Latin or Ancient Greek to your language or reversed.

The points that we will tackle:

  • Declensions
  • Vocabulary, etymology
  • Grammar and conjugation
  • Civilisation and mythology
  • Methodologies of the theme and version

To download a sample course, click here:

Training For A Final Exam

Are you studying for the D.E.L.F., the D.A.L.F., the final baccalaureate exam in French, Latin or Ancient Greek?

Objectives: prepare yourself for your final exam.

The points that we will tackle:

  • Training with exercises drawn from the pattern of the final exam
  • Personalised support


“Benoît is fun, kind, and extremely knowledgeable. The lessons are very comfortable, and they move fluidly. He creates his own learning materials to aid in instruction. Also, his knowledge of multiple languages allows him to make connections between them all, which is very helpful. I’m a complete beginner, but I’m learning very quickly how to speak French with him. Highly recommend! =)”

Callaghan, Los Angeles (U.S.A.)

“Ben is my first ever French tutor. Our lessons fly by as they are varied and enjoyable. With Ben’s use of images, worksheets and the (…) whiteboard I am encouraged to listen, speak, read and write. I can feel that my lessons with Ben are building a good base alongside my other studies. Would recommend to anyone starting out or even to those more experienced.”

Nathan, London (United Kingdom)

“Benoît is knowledgable, well-organised, and above all, a patient teacher. At the very first class, we discussed my main objectives, and based on that, he created a tailored program. He comes to every class very well prepared and makes the learning environment comfortable. The lessons include learning new words and grammatical rules. We usually have conversations about various topics, and discuss cultural aspects of France and French language. Benoît is teacher who definitely helped me to gain more confidence in speaking French and I would highly recommend him as a teacher.”

Marko, Luxembourg City (Luxembourg)

“Au-delà d’un prof de la langue française professionnelle, Benoît est un vrai érudit de l’histoire et de la littérature. Il est toujours très à l’écoute, attentif et réactif. J’ai passé des moments excellents avec lui et il m’a aidé à enrichir mon vocabulaire, améliorer mon oral, analyser des textes, et élargir mes connaissances qui remontent maintenant jusqu’à l’Antiquité. J’ai l’impression que j’ai trouvé une pépite d’or !”

Beixian, Lyon (France)

“Benoit’s lessons are very efficient and informative but at the same time you can have fun, lessons that do not stop only on grammar but also on French culture, traditions, etc. Benoit is a very professional, friendly and very helpful person. With him I started from zero and now I can face a dialogue in French.”

Carlo, Venice (Italy)

“Super tutor! Il est vraiment génial avec ses immenses connaissances et sa personnalité très sympathique!”

Yao, Paris (France)

“Grâce à vous, j’ai appris à aimer la littérature […] et l’analyse en profondeur des textes […] je sais que je dispose à présent de toutes les bases solides pour commencer mon école préparatoire littéraire.”

Christine, Mexico City (Mexico)

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